To reach the Pontine Islands it is required to take a train to either Anzio or Formia, and then a hydrofoil/ferry to Ponza. During the summer season, hydrofoils also depart from Naples, Terracina, and San Felice Circeo, although less frequently.

The hydrofoils companies that reach Ponza are:

Some companies allow you to embark your car, while other do not.

It is recommended to carefully check the dates and times of hydrofoil/ferry departures well in advance, before planning the rest of the trip.

The Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla is within walking distance from the port of Ponza.

Reaching the ports:

By train:

If you want to arrive to the ports by train, you need to get a train that will go to the stations of either Formia-Gaeta, Anzio, Terracina, or San Felice Circeo. The best place to depart is Rome, as there are direct trains taking approximately 1.15 hr to reach the aforementioned destinations.

Reaching the port of Formia from Formia-Gaeta station requires approximately 10min. on foot, while 20 min. are required to reach the port of Anzio from Anzio station. Reaching the ports of Terracina and San Felice Circeo from the corresponding train stations requires much more time.

Chech the compatibility of train schedule with hydrofoil/ferry departures.

By car:

Unless you are in Naples, reaching the ports will require you to drive to the ports of Formia/Anzio/Terracina/San Felice Circeo and leave your car at a parking lot.

Know that there is no need for driving a car in Ponza.

By airplane:

If you want to reach the ports by plane, the closest airports to Ponza are in Rome or Naples.


Visa requirement

Information on Visa for Italy can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that for visits resulting from invitation by an Italian institution to participate in a special event (visa for “Invitation”), applicants are asked to contact the Italian Diplomatic/Consular Representations for specific information concerning the required documents and conditions foreseen.

If you need a personal letter of invitation to attend the School, please contact the organizers by email and provide the following information:

    Full Name
    Complete mailing address
    Phone and fax number
    Copy of the Passport (number, expiration date, country)
    Date of birth