S3P-2020 will be hosted by the Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla, located in the popular island of Ponza, Italy.

Ponza is a municipality of the Province of Latina, in the Italian region Lazio. It comprises the four islands of the western part of the Pontine archipelago in the Gulf of Gaeta (central Tyrrhenian Sea): Ponza itself, Palmarola, Zannone, and Gavi. The economy of Ponza is essentially based on fishing and summer tourism. The main centre of the island is the port of Ponza, which stands towards the southern end of the eastern coast and is the seat of the commune. Other settlements include Guarini, Giancos, I Conti and Santa Maria in the centre of the island and Campo Inglese and Le Forna in the north.

The Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla is surrounded by a lush garden where the quiet, colors and scents of the Mediterranean vegetation regenerate mind and spirit, where guests can enjoy the benefits of an exclusive Wellness program with whirlpool jets, turkish bath in Arabic style, Roman caves with temperature from 19 to 37 degrees and two swimming pools with sea water.

Inside the hotel, guests can taste the specialties of the island in the prestigious restaurant wine-bar Il Melograno.